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Lean Operations

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Interested in Lean thinking and its principles, you feel your employees could benefit from learning and applying some of its tools (5S, Kaizen, Kanban, Just in Time among others)? We can provide you with standard or customized training on Lean thinking and its tools, support your employees reduce the wastes in the value chain by understanding the Lean principles.

We also offer various Supply Chain management training at the strategic or operational levels.

We offer trainings in the following areas, either standard or on demand:

  • Introduction to Lean thinking and the philosophy

  • Introduction to Lean Tools

  • Supply Chain training

  • On-demand training on Supply Chain and operations

On-site Training

The Lean Introduction Training developed by Kaizen Consult is designed to provide your team with the basic understanding of Lean principals, along with the main tools.

Lean is a global methodology and company culture and cannot be taught in one day. It needs transition and accompaniment to get into continuous improvement. However, staff members need to understand where that comes from and the fundamentals to be able to apply the tools to their work organization.


Lean can be adopted by all organizations, in all industries, being small or big. It can benefit all and cut costs while improve efficiency tremendously everywhere.


By adopting Lean thinking, you start eliminating wastes by removing Non-Value Adding Activities resulting in improved standardized systems, efficiency, processes, quality, delivery, service and cost savings.

Specifics of the course

·       A one-day training with your team of up to 15 persons (trainees)

·       Classroom training with interactive games

·       Materials provided to all students at the end

·       No required prerequisites

For better efficiency, the course will be adapted based on the level of staff members in the company. Because of that, we would prefer keeping some homogeneity in the group.


·       Subject to terms and conditions

·       Anywhere in Africa

·       Price not including transport and accommodation costs of the trainer

·       Additionnal training can be developped

Online Training

Looking for Online Training?  Want to get trained as a Lean and Six Sigma ​professional?

Discover our partner's online training programs, offering great value for money:

  • Problem-Solving Yellow Belt Training & Certification - $49

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification - $399

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification - $499

On top of that, get a further 10% off any of our Full Training & Certification courses listed above by using the following coupon at checkout: LSSkaizenconsult

100% online
2-week free trial
Certified training​

Click on the banner below to know more, or download the course outlines comparison guide available here.

Please also note that Black Belt Training & Certification will not be available from July 1st to December 31st, 2021.


You want to know more about the trainings on offer, book a call so we can help you decide which course is best for you.

Other services

We focus on helping companies in Africa foster their operations potential.


We support companies in Africa in developing supply chain strategies.

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