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Companies operations need to evolve with the size of the business and change to respond to the environment. Too often, caught into day to day operations and fire fighting, managers don’t have the resources and time to adjust their operations and strategize to better respond to the customer needs. We can accompany you to develop and implement operations improvement strategies. Whether you are in manufacturing, distribution or service, we work with you and your employees to map your value chain and processes, document them and develop improvement technics. Ultimately, we help you boost the quality and reduce defects.

​Although not exhaustive, and customized based on customer's needs, here is a list of services and technics we would use to improve your operations. Talk to us to know more.

  • Operations Audits

  • Value Chain mapping - VSM

  • Process reengineering - Wastes removal

  • Capacity management

  • Continuous improvement - Inventory reduction

  • PDCA cycle and problem solving technics

  • Application of Lean tools and culture

  • Culture and methodology Toyota Kata

Book a free consultation call today. We go through your Operations with you and identify the low hanging fruits on which we can act and improve efficiency. Click on the link below to register.

Access our Inventory Management System, available for free download.

Simple but powerful tool to optimize your inventory (Excel based system).

Lean Thinking - Operations improvement - Continuous improvement

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