Lean Introduction Training


The Lean Introduction Training developed by Kaizen Consult is designed to provide your team with the basic understanding of Lean principals, along with the main tools.

Lean is a global methodology and company culture and cannot be taught in one day. It needs transition and accompaniment to get into continuous improvement. However, staff members need to understand where that comes from and the fundamentals to be able to apply the tools to their work organization.


Lean can be adopted by all organizations, in all industries, being small or big. It can benefit all and cut costs while improve efficiency tremendously everywhere.


By adopting Lean thinking, you start eliminating wastes by removing Non-Value Adding Activities resulting in improved standardized systems, efficiency, processes, quality, delivery, service and cost savings.

Specifics of the course

  • A one-day training with your team of up to 15 persons (trainees)

  • Classroom training with interactive games

  • Materials provided to all students at the end

  • No required prerequisites

For better efficiency, the course will be adapted based on the level of staff members in the company. Because of that, we would prefer keeping some homogeneity in the group.

US$ 700.00

Subject to terms and conditions

Anywhere in Africa

Price not including transport and accommodation costs of the trainer

Additionnal training can be developped

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