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Supply Chain / Lean Operations Consultant Partner – Africa experience needed


Kaizen Consult Ltd is a boutique consulting firm serving customers and partners across the African continent. Registered in the UK and working in countries such as Kenya, DR Congo and Senegal among many others, we provide our expertise to solve Supply Chain and Operations issues, reduce wastes and improve efficiency. We work with a Lean approach, including elements of continuous improvement and respect for people.


In order to accompany our growth, we are interested in speaking to professionals with longstanding experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, interested in partnering in the practice to develop our footprint and customer base. Ideally, the candidate would be based in Nairobi, Kenya, but considerations can be made to opening new offices (business case to be brought forward).


The position will be responsible for:

  • Setting up the office

  • Develop the customer base – find new prospect, talk to existing clients

  • Write proposals for clients based on initial conversations

  • Represent the firm in external stakeholders’ events

  • Project manage the projects with the customers

  • Advise the customer on how to improve its Supply Chain and/or Operations

  • Be the on-site consultant when need be

  • Write the recommendation reports for clients

  • Conduct the trainings at customers

  • Support the marketing efforts of the firm

  • Propose new ideas for developing the firm and its customer base

  • Develop the budget and follow it through based on the result of the office

  • Recruit and work on the HR structure with other partners of the firm to grow the firm while limiting financial risks


The ideal candidate would have the following:

  • Supply Chain expertise – diploma and experience in the field in various industries (FMCG, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical…)

  • APICS or CISP certifications

  • Lean and Operations improvement expertise – diploma and experience in the field in various industries (FMCG, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical…)

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification

  • A Master’s degree and ideally an MBA from a highly regarded business School

  • 5 years minimum working in Supply Chain and/or Operations management in Sub-Saharan Africa, ideally in more than one country

  • Management experience and understanding of teams’ dynamics

  • Some experience in dealing directly with external customers, while some business development skills and experience would be a plus

  • An entrepreneurial spirit, and some Jack-of-all-trades abilities

  • An appetite for taking risks, getting out of his/her comfort zone

  • Great capacity to learn and develop himself constantly to new levels, from trainings and experience

  • Willingness to invest in the practice, take a few months of extremely low and variable salary

  • Self-motivated and with high integrity


While we are looking for the ideal candidate, we know that the “5 leg sheep” does not exist. However, if you recognize yourself, contact us.


Although that looks like a little too much to handle, think that you would be your own boss, and would work at developing the practice in the directions the market shows it’s best. You get great working flexibility (can work longer hours), the possibility to start your own business somewhere, and launch yourself to take the risk you always wanted to take. You will meet a large and diverse list of companies and stakeholders across Africa, and work with different teams in different industries. You will learn on every project and with every client, develop your network like never before and discuss strategies while managing operations. You will be the co-founder and director of the local office and be allowed yearly result-based dividends.


If despite all of the above, you are still having stars in your eyes, contact us through our website or send us an email at

Thank you for your interest.

We are always looking for new talents in the supply chain and operations area. If you do not find a position which fits you, please leave the link to your Linkedin profile, so we can check on you. Should there be a match at some point, we will get in touch.

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