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Download our Inventory Management System

If you are a business owner, or a small business in need to manage your inventory the proper way, this can be helpful to you.

Having a properly managed inventory can help you avoid stock outs, plan better your reordering system and simply make sure your customer receive their goods when they need them.

You may not want to get into implementing a software, or any kind of integrated ERP, you can then use our Inventory Management System. Easy to implement, it gives you the main tool to set up a great inventory management within too much setup work.


  • Excel file

  • Quick download, can be put on a shared drive for everyone access

  • Unlocked system, you can freely change and adjust to your needs

  • Including a catalogue, supplier and customer database, multiple reports, KPIs management & Dashboard, inventory follow up, multiple warehouses, batch numbers among other details

  • Template of a Goods Receipt Note for your records

Packages on Shelves

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You want to download our Inventory Management System and get your inventory under control?

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