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Modern Container Terminal

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics in Africa is often a large part of your products costs. While some aspects are difficult to control, knowledge and planning can save you a lot of hassle and additional costs.

Our large expertise in logistics operations in Africa can help you save more than money.

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Manufacturing is always very demanding and optimisation is key to drive costs down. Here more than in any other sectors, Lean methodology applied brings real cutting edge advantage to companies by getting rid of wastes in the processes, driving costs down and productivity up, improving quality of output and buffing up customer satisfaction.

Electrical Work

Industrial goods - Distribution

Demand and Supply Uncertainties can wear your business down. Anticipating and having the right strategy can go a long way to distributing your products efficiently.

We can adapt your Supply Chain to your products and your customers for greater success in availability.

Prescription Drugs


Controlling your medical and pharmaceutical Supply Chain is critical, as lives depend on it. But the difficulty of the distant production of goods, poor infrastructure and cost of transport make it a real challenges. That impacts your customers. We know how sensitive the logistics and Supply Chain is, and we understand all aspects of the chain.

Refrigerated Goods


FMCG is a very sensitive area for Supply Chain. Indeed, high volumes and optimised costs bring tension in the Supply Chain and all processes need to flow together to create a smooth throughput, reducing variability in the supply.

The right technics applied help your business perform better so you can concentrate on other areas of the business.

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Humanitarian & development

Humanitarian Supply Chain can be an expensive business. Optimising it brings advantages to the beneficiaries, the organisation and the donors.

With a significant amount of experience in humanitarian Supply Chain, we can offer tailor-made solutions to non-profits to help them reduce wastes and improve return to beneficiaries.

Although the above sectors are the ones we have most experience in, other industries can be tackled and similar principles and frameworks applied. With a very operational and pragmatique approach, we always work with you to fit our recommendations to the industry, context and company's objectives and culture.

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Some of our partners

We work with partners to devise the best solutions to suit our clients' needs. They bring different and complementary skills and experience to our proposals and help us better integrate the solutions.

We offer integration of Project logistics capacity, Supply Chain management, marketing and other management consulting.

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