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Improving Continuously in Africa

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Mark Twain

We help fast growing businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa to structure and scale their Operations into operational excellence, so that they reduce process inefficiencies, improve productivity while gradually saving up to 20% in operations costs.


Over the past 15 years, we have accompanied multiple organizations from fire-fighting mode to a more proactive and agile operations management, making massive gains in productivity. We thrive at transforming operations teams from responding to urgencies to getting a proactive mindset, planning their Supply Chain and anticipating issues.

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Who We Are

We are a consulting business, focusing on Operations and Supply Chain with a Lean thinking approach.

Our aim is to provide small and medium customers and partners operating in Africa with a Lean culture, while working with them to design Supply Chain and Operations strategies and solutions in line with their global strategy and objectives.

We help clients enhance their customer focus and get the most out of their value chain by driving waste elimination and defect reduction through continuous improvement of their operations and supply chain.

We work with your team to create long lasting results and growth.


What We Offer

We can accompany you to develop and implement operations improvement strategies. Whether you are in manufacturing, distribution or service, we work with you and your employees to map your value chain and processes, document them and develop improvement Technics. Ultimately, we help you boost the quality and reduce defects.

We can provide you with standard or customized training on Lean thinking and its tools, support your employees reduce the wastes in the value chain by understanding the Lean principles.

Cargo Ship at the Port

Kibaya Erisania - Managing Director - SincroSite Watch

"During our implementation of the Engineering and Supply chain process improvement consultancy project with  the Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) in Dar es salaam in 2019, we engaged Eric as lead consultant on supply chain process improvement.

Eric was very instrumental as team leader on supply chain process improvement and innovatively helped develop the engineering parts classification system from scratch which improved overall warehouse performance. His expertise in supply chain management was instrumental in shaping our overall project delivery to the satisfaction of our client with whom we have continued to do business."

Standard Offers

Consultation call Supply Chain or Operations

One hour consultation to go through your company's Supply Chain or Operations and Identify quick issues, problematics and give high level recommendations.

Lean Introduction Training

Give your team a 1 day introduction to Lean methodology and tools, and get them started with understanding continuous improvement.

Supply Chain or Operations Audit

You need to get a deeper review of your Supply Chain or your Operations, and understand where you are and how you can improve? This audit can give you the improvement directions.

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